Radio Free Network Projects

Here are some of the projects we currently have underway:

  • NEW! - RFP2 - We're happy to welcome a new member of the Radio Free Peterborough family. RFP2 features all the Ambient, Experimental and Spoken Word / Poetry material from the Radio Free Peterborough catalogue.
  • Radio Wakefield - Wakefield Quebec and Peterbrough Ontario have a lot in common. Both are small, both have a great tradition of supporting live music, and both have incredibly closely-knit cultural communities. Wakefield is the latest member of the Radio Free Network family to come online. Thanks to all our hard-working volunteers who put it so much time behind the scenes to make Radio Wakefield a reality.
  • Radio Tarahumara - we are currenty undertaking an active project in co-operation with the La CoordinaciĆ³n Estatal de la Tarahumara [a Mexican government agency in Chihuahua] to see if the Radio Free Network concept can inform and empower the Tarahumara to engage in an exchange of culture and knowledge with the "outside world".

    The core goal of this project is to use communications strategies and technologies to help improve the soil quality in the Copper Canyon. It is believed that by focusing on soil quality as a cornerstone of agricultural self-sustainability and using culture as the carrier, other challenges faced by the Tarahumara can be more effectively addressed by the Tarahumara themselves.

    There was a nice article in the Globe and Mail about this project.

  • Trent Radio online audio streams: with an infrastructure built for $0 entirely by Radio Free Network volunteers, Trent Radio now broadcasts online to the entire world using only 100% free, Open Source software. In the roughly nine months since we built Trent Radio's online stream infrastructure, we've served 31,000+ listeners from 73 countries since Oct 2004. Trent Radio is the campus radio station for Trent University and broadcasts at 92.7 FM in Peterborough Ontario Canada (and area). During off-peak hours, they also re-brodcast the audio from our other project: Radio Free Peterborough.
  • Radio Free Peterborough: a 24/7/365 streaming collection of music from Ontario's hottest cultural hotbed: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Radio Free Peterborough also runs entirely with Open Source software. The RFP catalogue so far stands at 2,779 tracks (163.5 hours and change) of all-local, all-Peterborough music and audio. We are greateful to be able to offer this valuable service to our friends and neighbours in Peterborough and around the world.
  • The Radio Free Peterborough guide to starting your own Internet radio station: always wanted your own station? Well, now you have no excuse - everything you need is free, and you don't need to be a technology guru. Anyone with a Windows computer on a fast connection is almost ready to start broadcasting right away. So grab the DIY document and get started!